# Introduction

Welcome to the Invoiless REST API reference documentation.

# 🔑 API Key

To use the API, you need to sign up at Invoiless (opens new window). You can create a free account or pay a subscription to get access to more features. Once you have signed up and validated your email address, you can find your API key under Dashboard > Integrations > API Key.

# Headers

The API key needs to be sent with each API request.

Key Value
api-key your-api-key

# Postman

You can open our Postman documentation in your own Postman app by clicking the orange "Run in Postman" button below. Thanks to this powerful tool!

Run in Postman (opens new window)

# Notes

  • Use HTTPS only! Any HTTP requests will be ignored.

All usage of the Invoiless API and all related services are subject to the company's terms and conditions (opens new window) and all annexed legal documents and agreements.

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